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Ride with the drivers.


Presenting a new marketing solution, from an old friend.

Make a lasting impression.

The Pocket Truck Stop Guide is at the fingertips of truck drivers everywhere.

CAUTION: digital traffic jam ahead.

Big thing. Small package.

The Pocket Truck Stop Guide. The Ultimate Recruiting Tool.

Need experienced drivers?

Truckers want to know about you. This makes it happen.

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I love your guide. I use it every day. Thanks again.

Jack Bowers

I love your booklet. We have been using it for several years, I used to be a truck driver but now I drive a pilot car escorting wide loads. We travel everywhere in North America, so your book is very handy.

Marie-Claude Masson

You've done a great job with this book. I use it several times during the day.

Louis Cortez

We have purchased the “Pocket Truck Stop Guide®” many times in the past.  We find it invaluable when you are traveling in a big rig. 

Barbara Richey

The first thing I tell everyone is to go buy a Pocket Truck Stop Guide, so they will always know where the truck friendly exits are.

Brian Helm, Trainer, CRST

The Internet's horrible now. It seems like I can't find anything quickly. But I can always rely on your book. Thank you.

David Wilkes, O/O for 30 years.

I am extremely satisfied with your guide, I use it all the time.

Brandon Liebriedme

Please tell me you are still making the Pocket Truck Stop Guide! I've been driving for almost 40 years, I depend on it, and I was afraid because of the virus, you might drop out like so many other businesses have.

Mathew Price

We need the new one. Our GPS does not tell us where the truck stops are. We really don’t want to leave the house without it.

Glenda Newton

One last thing.

We designed this site via Shopify in order to make it easy to place an order. But we don't really expect anyone to make a purchase up-front just based on the information here. Give us a call or shoot us an email at truckexit@gmail.com and we will be glad to answer your questions.